My Hair Wig & Hair Loss Salon

5 James’s Terrace

My Hair Wig & Hair Loss Salon (upstairs at No.5) provides a professional, modern and comfortable salon with luxury facilities to select and try on wigs, hairpieces and accessories in complete privacy. Located on James’s Terrace in Malahide, North County Dublin. We deal with HSE & private health companies and organise all paper work involved. Our goal is to remove the stress and hassle of picking a wig in order to give you the best possible experience. Our fully private salon also specialises in hair loss solutions and Actyva Oxygen Treatments.

Call us on 01-845-6412 or 086-784-0888 to discuss your options.

The Service

The whole experience is delivered in a friendly, private and comfortable environment. We can come to your home or hospital by arrangement. The salon is very accessible by car or public transport, and we welcome you to invite a friend or family member to accompany you on any of your visits.

The Specifics

My Hair is a client driven independent salon. We will work hard to deliver all of your treatment, products and aftercare within your budget and plan.

There are a number of HSE grants available to medical card holders who require a wig due to illness. If you have medical insurance, your policy may cover some or all of the costs involved.

Whatever your circumstances we will advise you of various pricing options and supports available as part of your personal plan. We promise to provide you with solutions and treatments that are high quality, practical and the best value for you.

Our Catalogue

My Hair offers a huge range of wigs and can arrange to order any style to suit your needs.

See our selection of fashionable wigs and head wear we offer.

We proudly support The Ross Nugent Foundation. We also work with Almacare & The Daffodil Centre.


Alternative Hair Solutions at My Hair

The way we feel about ourselves and how we look is closely linked to our feelings of self-esteem and confidence. When you are losing your hair it helps to know that there are alternative solutions. It helps to know that My Hair is here for you.

At My Hair, we provide professional support, information, advice, care and products for men, women and children who are losing their hair as a result of natural thinning, alopecia, or an illness or in the wake of intensive hormone or medical treatment.

At our private salon in Malahide you will find a team of mature and responsible hair professionals with over 30 years combined experience. We promise you a caring, respectful and discreet experience, and a choice of a wide range of high-quality wigs, headwear and hair care products.

Our clients enjoy and benefit from the end-to-end service we work hard to provide at My Hair. Together we will find the solution that is right for you.

The Process

It begins with a conversation

Once you make the call and arrange a free consultation at our salon in Malahide, you will already be under the care of one of the very best hair teams in Dublin.

At your first consultation you will get all of the information you need to make decisions that are right for you.

And Then..

We will make a plan together, choose your style, prepare your hair for treatment, choose and fit a wig, hairpiece or product and work out your entitlements and pricing options.

You will leave feeling informed, cared for and confident that you and your hair are in very good hands.

Complete Care

We provide expert advice, service and care through all stages of hair loss and recovery. Our stylists are master hairdressers who can cut and style your wig to look and feel just like your own hair.

We specialise in:
• Client advice and support
• Wigs, alternative headwear and add-on-pieces
• Individual / custom made wigs
• Pre and post hair and aftercare wigs
• Masking Solutions for alopecia and all hair loss
• Hair supplements
• Scalp care and hair re-growth
• Organic Colouring and styling hair after chemotherapy treatment
• HSE approved

Options for Men

Men often find that there is a limited selection of ready to wear and custom made full hair wigs and toupees specifically designed for men.

We source our range for men from reputable wig suppliers in the UK and then customize and style in house for a very natural look.


Organic Colour Treatments

by Kemon

We understand how important it is to keep your hair and scalp in peak condition. Our Kemon organic colour treatments use certified organic ingredients and provide a safe alternative to traditional colouring options that are more sensitive to your scalp:

  • Yo Color System by Kemon is a complete wellness treatment, a soft yoghurt-based mixture with certified organic ingredients

  • Developed to satisfy the various needs of colour-treated hair at the base, mid-shaft and ends. Some of the benefits include:

    • Quick and easy to apply
      • Exceptional performance
      • Covers grey hair 100%
      • Lightening up to 4/5 levels thanks to the super-lighteners
      • Total uniformity of the tone
      • Extraordinarily long-lasting results
      • Intermixable shades for personalised results

Actyva O2 Serums

by Kemon

The role of serums as a supplement to a daily beauty routine due to their booster effect, has inspired ACTYVA to create O2, a miniline of beauty boosters, to enhance, round off and maximise the performance of their main hair and skin treatments. They are used in synergy with Actyva treatments and can be applied normally or through oxygen infusion, which enhances performance even more.

This is an exclusive system (only available in 4 salons in Dublin) that makes it possible to draw from the air we breathe very high concentrations of activated oxygen - up to 96%. Activated oxygen enhances the oxygenation of the skin and helps to prevent and treat skin imperfections by stimulating microcirculatory blood flow, improving the appearance and health of the scalp, hair and skin.

What are the benefits?

The transfer of active ingredients via oxygen infusion revitalizes hair, scalp and skin, producing a lifting effect. Treatment after treatment the hair is fuller and bouncier, with a healthier appearance. The skin appears tighter and hydrated, as if rejuvenated. Used in combination with specific products, the oxygen helps to enhance the positive effects of their active ingredients, making the treatment even more targeted and effective.

Actyva O2 System available now at No.5 Natural Organic

Actyva O2 System available now at No.5 Natural Organic


for Children & Young Adults

Older children requiring an adult styled wig can have it adapted to make it smaller. We can also source a range of childrens and petite wigs.

Many children feel more comfortable wearing a cap or bandana which are also available with fringe attached - these look attractive as well as being practical and warm. 

Client Testimonials

“I will never forget Liz’s kindness when it came to her cutting off my hair after it had started to drastically fall out, following my first chemotherapy session. She showed compassion and understanding, providing me with privacy and dignity during what might have been a traumatic event. She accommodated me generously, outside of normal salon hours.

My friend Anne, who accompanied me, was also struck by her empathy and care. Liz then took my wigs and washed and styled them for me. She displayed a great knowledge of the psychology of hair loss as well as the technical side of re-styling, both of which allowed me to enjoy confidence and peace of mind. Lots of friends admired my wigs, and they were key to my getting ‘back out there’ after surgery and other therapies.”
— Lena McMyler, February 2014
“Thank you so much, Liz, for making me feel good inside and out when I lost my hair due to breast cancer in 2010.”
— Jennifer Howard

Our Location

My Hair Wig & Hair Loss Salon is located upstairs at No.5 St James Terrace, Malahide Village, Dublin. We are across from the petrol station and on the same street as the garda station.

Contact us today at or call us on 01-845-6412 or 086-784-0888.