Mane Hair Loss Fibres


Mane Hair Loss Fibres


Mane Hair Loss Fibres are the latest innovation in our Mane product range.

Scientifically developed to give you a natural looking, fuller head of hair, Mane Hair Loss Fibres will blend with your own hair to give you the look that you’ve always wanted.

Mane Hair Loss Fibres bond electro-statically to your remaining hair and can be sealed into place by using the Mane Seal and Shine spray.


Why choose Mane Hair Loss Fibres?

If you are concerned about the thickness and coverage that your natural hair gives you, then our Mane Hair Loss Fibres can help you build your confidence and feel years younger with a simple shake of the container. There is no need for expensive consultations or hours of preparation. Mane Hair Loss Fibres can be used whenever and wherever you wish.

The Facts

  • Easy to use
  • Gives excellent coverage to all thinning areas
  • Gives fine hair extra body
  • Maintains perfect finish until your next shampoo
  • Effective in seconds
  • Gives a more youthful appearance
  • Full range of natural colours
  • Low cost, no drugs or surgery

There is no guaranteed cure for hair loss, but with our Mane Hair Loss Fibres you can have instantly thicker, natural looking hair in seconds without the need for expensive clinical treatments, chemical drugs or painful transplant surgery.

  • Are suitable for use by both men and women.
  • Are suitable for use with all hair types and all hair colours.
  • Are available in a range of colours so you can mix and match to create that perfect colour tone for a natural look.
  • Are made of varying lengths to maximise the natural look of your hair.
  • Are easily removed with shampoo.
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